QBS Technology Group is sneaking up the rankings at CRN’s list of the hottest distributors in the UK — moving up to 12th spot in the publisher’s list of the ’45 Distributors You Need to Know in 2022′.

Dave Stevinson, group CEO at QBS, spoke to CRN’s head of channel research, Doug Woodburn, for this related article on Channelweb.co.uk — confirming that while the organisation has moved up to 12th since last year’s 13th spot, even further growth is expected this year.

“Growth is hard-coded into our business model of monthly recurring revenue with a three-figure NRR (net revenue retention),” Stevinson said.

“We have onboarded almost 400 software publishers on to the platform [in the last 12 months].”

QBS Technology Group’s flagship software delivery platform, supported by the company’s super-strong, hard-working and talented team across all its individual companies and partners, continues to be a critical factor in its distribution network success, according to Stevinson.

“Every company must aim to create sustainable long-term stakeholder value and become climate positive, particularly rich technology companies,” he added. “It is our moral duty to ensure that we do not take from future generations and leave them with the negative consequences of our actions.”

Solving key IT challenges for organisations of all sizes

QBS remains relentless in its focus on how to solve the key challenges facing organisations of all sizes today — from ESG and sustainability to managing growth against a backdrop of supply chain and cost complications.

Last year, the CRN UK Channel Services Provider / Distributor TechImpact sustainability award went to QBS — representing recognition for the whole QBS group as well as the tireless efforts of team members.

Although distributor share prices might cool at times, this is typically less of a concern for a range of reasons. Right now, for instance, every asset class is down apart from utilities, Stevinson said.

“Distributors have always and will always be undervalued in the public markets,” he said.

Semiconductor supply issues have often hit the headlines, for example, over the last several years. However, IT distributors like QBS “deliver bytes not atoms” so are typically not directly affected.

“Chip supply will continue to fluctuate from feast to famine for the next few decades at least,” Stevinson said.

And when it comes to forecasts of industry consolidation, few distributors have yet gone fully global in scale. QBS itself has and continues to grow both organically and by acquisition across a range of markets, he noted.