In exclusive research from Channel Partner Insight (CPI) and CRN UK, the UK’s top 25 distributors have been revealed, with QBS named in 24th spot.

“We are pleased to be recognised for our growth achievements. Being a pro-active focused distributor offering outstanding service is definitely a model that works” commented Dave Stevinson, Managing Director of QBS Technology Group.

Well done and Happy Birthday to us

QBS now has even more to celebrate as this month marks 32 years in business. A lot has changed in those three decades, from the way that software is written, promoted and distributed to the sheer size of the market. It is clear that we have come a long way – transforming from a vendor (small publisher of dev opps software) to a distributor operating an advanced software delivery platform. In the past, several of our acquisitions were focused on buying software publishers to grow our portfolio. We have pivoted that acquisition focus to move firmly to acquiring distributors which give us access to new talent, new geographies, new clients and new market segments.

We are not going to dwell on the past – we’d rather concentrate on where we are right now. In August 2019 more than 4000 software resellers relied on QBS to deliver their software from a portfolio of over 8000 publishers. Many of those vendors are leaning on QBS to provide sales, technical and marketing resource.

We can also share with you our future strategy:

1 – We are a technology company with a focus on software – we aim to cover every sector –enterprise, cloud, consumer and SAM services.

2 – We are proud of being a platform – with three core disciplines (feature rich, easy to use and highly automated) – this allows us to grow both the number of vendors and customers who trade through us. Plus become a more important part of the business for our key partners, customers and suppliers. A significant investment and a lot of our profit goes back into development.

3 –We are actively driving more of our and our customers’ business to a recurring revenue model – be that monthly/quarterly or annually. This needs investment and process. Pro-active advanced renewal management will be critical to the future. Our plan is to have complete visibility of our revenues into the foreseeable future

4 – Internationalisation – We have grown the UK business to become the leader in what we do. We are a friendly team at QBS – so we thought why not share services with our friends in other territories and let them benefit. More than 100 countries have traded with the QBS platform over the years – now we are expanding internationally with physical footprints established in France, plans for Italy and ambitions for Germany. We believe that one day our business will be bigger outside the UK than within it.

In conclusion – we pride ourselves on having a totally clear vision shared across the whole organisation but what is most important is that we have the ability to execute on that vision and deliver on the numbers that we commit to.

“We are being quite modest with our celebrations although this is a significant milestone for any company” commented Dave Stevinson. “I was proud to host a party at the Savile Club in Mayfair last month for staff and founders.” See pictures from the party here.